About us.

A Creative Studio Located in Downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut
Our team can deliver everything from concept to finished production, and we're proud to have some of the best talent in the industry.



Located on the shoreline between NYC and Boston, we made our base at the nexus of the cultural and technological currents propelling us into the future and the drag of the economic and social obstacles holding us back.

We’re familiar with the complex challenges that increasing polarization and inequality pose to our communities and we understand the demand for the fresh idea, the new solution. We know what we have to do, you just have to ask.


Understanding the market is as much about establishing who you are as it is knowing your competition. We like to follow that line where your personality and potential intersect with reality.


Our approach is to meld an aesthetics with a conscience, to carve out a symbolic statement, image, or experience that is as durable as it is appealing.


Design is architecture and architecture is design. Visual appeal means nothing without a solid foundation and structural framework. We put as much passion and meticulous care into what you don’t see in our work as we do what you do see.